Kenmore Cupboard

Stock the Cupboard to Support the Kids

At Kenmore Middle School, the PTSA stocks the Kenmore Cupboard with healthy grab and go meals and snacks for those kids in need!

Our hope is for our KMS staff to have access to snacks for students in need of food while at school.  Food insecurities affect our children's growth, development, behavior, and success at school. Help us provide that simple snack to our students that need them.

Did you know that nearly 1 in 8 children in Washington are facing hunger? (Feeding America).  

At Kenmore Middle School our students face hunger at an even higher rate: 1 in 4 students are considered low-income based on federal poverty standards. The number increases for students who are food insecure (Washington Office of Superintendent). 

When students are food insecure, learning outcomes suffer. Food insecurity affects concentration, memory, mood, and motor skills, all of which a child needs to be successful in school. Research shows that food insecurity is closely related to behavioral challenges in schools as well (No Kid Hungry).

Kenmore Middle School Parents and Teachers banded together to remove barriers to education for our middle school students by providing nutrient dense snacks during the school day to students facing food insecurity. The Kenmore Cupboard was the brain child of our Kenmore Middle School staff and parents to allow children to discretely access snacks at school without fear or stigma.

After only one year, our school nurse reported it was the best year of her career because fewer children were in her office for hunger. Our principals have reported that children can regulate behavior better when they are fed, and our teachers report having this access in their classroom has removed barriers to education.

Please consider supporting our school and children by donating to the Kenmore Middle School with the memo line in your check stating Kenmore Cupboard, bringing nutrient dense snack foods to our school office at Kenmore Middle School, or purchasing items through our Amazon Wish List. 

Kenmore Cupboard Shopping List


Please provide individually packaged and non-expired snacks.


1.     Protein bars

2.     KIND bars

3.     Granola bars

4.     Smart popcorn

5.     Jerky

6.     Beef sticks

7.     Made Good snacks (these are vegan and gluten free)

8.     Breakfast bars

9.     Goldfish crackers

10.  Mixed nuts

11.  Trail mix

12.  Zbars

13.  Clif bars

14.  Fruit snacks 

15.  Pretzels

16.  Nut-free snacks

17.  Gluten-free snacks

Kenmore Cupboard Amazon Wish List 

Order directly from our Amazon Kenmore Cupboard wish list to be delivered directly to KMS anytime!

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